Best Binary Options Signals Service Providers

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There are numerous articles present online which discuss the origin of binary options signals service providers plus the conditions in which these providers gained popularity. There is no denying the fact that this industry is saturated with massive amount of providers offering this particular service. They all are offering the same thing with just some differences such as different trial periods, money back guarantee option and varied signals delivery mediums. This is just to tempt and attract clients so that they chose their service instead of their rival. This helps them stand out; not forgetting the marketing purpose it serves.


However there are some popular signal service providers which have been featured in different mediums. Their consumer base is slightly larger than others and are considered to be more reliable comparatively. Their clients, or traders, have been earning profits and are satisfied with the services they have been provided with. Some of these service providers include Dow Jones Focus Group having a win rate of about 80 to 86%. The subscription is free with broker deposit. The trust factor is quite high amongst their clients. Another such signal provider is BinaryOptionRobot. This one also is trusted and considered reliable amongst the options traders. It has an accuracy of about 85 to 89%. These numbers are based on their past performance, also known as historical trend analysis.


Some recent signals service providers have also entered the industry in the past year. They came up with exiting and tempting offers for traders along with some solid claims. One such signal provider is Private Signals Group. The signals are provided by two very well-known market analysts and financial experts. This brings credibility to the service provider and makes cashing on their name easier. The reviews say that they do not send excessive signals but the accurate ones. This focus on accuracy gives them the edge over other competitors in the market. In addition to this, they give you a variety of options brokers to choose from. Another provider is PRO Signals + indicators. The best part is that these providers not only restrict themselves to offering financial services after subscription but also provides consultation prior to the subscription. A lot of information is also available on these websites in the form of articles and blogs for readers who have the potential of being traders. The more the strings attached, the better it is in terms of marketing and branding.



Keeping all the information discussed above in mind, it is important to note that no matter how popular the binary options signals service provider is there is no guarantee that the trader will face success and high profits in future. This is owing to the fact that this industry is extremely volatile and the trader him/herself has to be very vigilant. It has been witnessed in the past that complete reliance on the signal provider might not serve the purpose. A lot of factors need to be in play together to achieve positive results.

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What to expect from 24Option

What to expect from 24Option

Anybody who is not actively working on his qualities and attributes trying to improve them as much as possible is exposed to a very big risk of being left behind by somebody who is constantly enhancing his characteristics. This simple fact is easily transferred to level of companies and corporations, and any enterprise which maintains static and operates without some kind of upgrades will eventually be run over by new, fresh competition. This is why a very well-known broker house called 24Option always tries to bring something new to the market of trading with binary options in order to keep their position among the leaders in the business. 


24Option broker was established in 2010, and in these five years of being present in the global financial market they have grown enormously, both in popularity and in numbers of clients and profits. With over 200 assets on offer and high percentage of payout (72-89%), this company is attractive to customers from all over the world. Due to some legal matters only citizens of United States are not allowed to trade through this website, but perhaps this will be solved in the upcoming period. This problem happened when 24Option was licensed by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, or CySEC – a renowned regulatory body which governs this type of financial activity and authorizes companies to be able to provide trading with binary options. This license serves as a kind of “passport” for European territory, and automatically while losing clients from America 24Option has been allowed to accept users from Europe. As I sad, hopefully this will be one of the first things that can be fixed as soon as possible, since it complies with the best interests of both the company and traders from United States. 

24Option Trading

Aside from expanding, 24Option in the days that follow should basically try to keep its high level of performances and the superior quality of services, while at the same time incorporate some new and interesting activity for the traders. The addition of trading signals was a big plus in features of the website, since customers can now easily find suitable trading opportunities and with a very effective reliability meter it is very simple to differentiate between the various types of signals. Also, new methods of trading are constantly invented and adding them to the already wide repertoire is imperative for this broker house. They currently offer several different methods of bidding, and several types of time frames, but clients easily get bored with repetitive actions so new things are almost always a good thing. 24option_600

24Option broker house will surely try to keep its status of a reliable and safe trading partner, since their website and mobile apps are protected in the best possible way, and clients have no fears about their funds or personal information. This will certainly remain unchanged, although online trading is constantly under attacks from hacker and viruses, but companies like this one definitely have the resources and man power to keep those attacks as far away from clients and daily trading as possible.

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Risk strategies for binary options trading

Risk strategies for binary options trading

Even though binary options trading is simple in its form, it still requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. In addition, some trading strategies have been developed, just like in other methods of trading, which help the traders execute more trades successfully and earn more money in binary options.


First of all, it is important that you do not allow yourself to fall under the influence of the emotions when trading. Understand that it is not gambling, but trading, and that some rules must be respected, even if it means that you have to make them yourself. Predetermine the goals of your trade which you will reach every day, and after which you will stop trading no matter what.

What you can determine for your daily goals depends on you. First, it can be the number of wins or losses. You should set up a number of daily wins after which you will stop trading, or similarly – the number of losses. Similar to this technique is the one where you will predetermine the number of trades. After you reach a certain number of trades executed per day, you will end your trading, no matter the overall outcome. Then, you can choose the amount of win or loss. Determine the amount of money to win on daily basis, and after you win it, you should stop trading; or the amount of money you are willing to lose, and the trading should stop after that amount is lost.

In relation to these rules, there are risk level strategies which can be chosen based on the amount of money you want to earn and, logically, the amount of risk you are willing to take. They can be divided into three groups: low risk strategy, medium risk strategy and high risk strategy.  Strategy

1. Low risk strategy – this strategy is suitable for those who are not willing to take high risks, and it is also advisable for beginners. It will usually result in earning less money per day, but there will be very few losses as well or no losses at all. It involves low number of daily wins and losses, not too many trades to be executed daily, winning ratio of around 80% and small amounts of money to be won or lost per day.

2. Medium risk strategy – this is a strategy suitable for those who want to earn more money per day, but are still not willing to go all in and take the risks too high. The number of overall trades, wins and losses is higher; winning ratio is about 75% and the amounts of money to win or lose are set up higher.

3. High risk strategy – this strategy is for those who are willing to pay the price of losing large sums of money if it can bring them the chance of winning even larger. It is a strategy recommended only to expert traders. The number of traded is not to be counted or it is very high, the number of wins and losses is high, maximum winning money is not determined, but the amount to be lost should be, and the winning ratio can fall under 65%. Graph_coins_up_binary_option_24option

Not only that it is important to be skillful, dedicated and strategy-orientated, it is also advisable to choose a binary options broker very carefully before you start trading. Some reliable brokers to trade with are Stockpair, 24Options, CTOption (available for US traders as well). Reading every review available on trustworthy websites will significantly help making a right choice of broker.

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How to recognize and avoid binary options scam brokers

How to recognize and avoid binary options scam brokers

Binary options have become a very popular method of trading in the last couple of years, thanks to their simplicity and concept which is easy to understand. However, it is exactly the simplicity of this type of trading that makes many people be against it, claiming that it is a lottery rather than serious trading. Whatever your opinion may be, trading binary options is undoubtedly a very widespread trading method, with many users and a whole industry behind it. We want you to be aware of the unreliable brokers and read about Porter Finance scam.


Trading binary options is performed via an online broker, where you have a trading platform and many other additional features. In the sea of brokers, there are those that are legit and reliable, but there also those which are illegal and which will make you lose your money in order for them to get it. It is sometimes difficult to recognize scam brokers, but there are several things to pay attention to before deciding to sign up and make the first deposit:

1. Payout – payout rate with most brokers ranges from 75% to 85%, it can sometimes go up to 90% but it is quite rare. If a broker offers a payout rate higher than 90%, it is more likely that you will get 0%. To put it simply, it is just too god to be true. And also, it is not affordable to the broker to offer a higher payout than 90% maximum. Another thing that concerns payout is the time needed for it to be executed. It should take up to 5 days for the money to be deposited on your account if you use a credit card or third-party service like PayPal and others. The payout period is usually stated on the website, and if it takes over 5 days, you should reconsider signing up with this broker. Binary-option-Scams

2. Financial expert – some brokers offer services of financial experts once you sign up on their website and place your first deposit. They are supposed to help you by giving you advice on how to trade and help you predict the outcomes of certain assets’ prices on the market. Once you are assigned a financial expert, there are behavioral patterns that indicate you might get cheated. If the expert is too aggressive in convincing you to deposit more money, if they lose one of your trade but then try to convince you in investing more next time, so you can return what has been lost – give it up. It is one of the strategies that scam brokers use to make their traders deposit more money, which are they most likely to lose.

financial-scams3. Signals – if brokers offer binary options signals that are more than 90% accurate, especially if they promise 100% accuracy, it is certainly a scam. No trading signals can be more accurate than 85% no matter how they were generated, so do not rely on signals that are supposedly 100% accurate when investing the money, because you are very likely to lose it.

In addition to paying attention to these aspects of brokers, you should also check whether the broker has been regulated by CySEC, and do not hesitate to read forums and users’ comments online, because they can tell you more about the real experience people have had with the broker.

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Working From Home

Working From Home

There is a lot of legitimate work to be done from your home, if you know what you want and where to search what you want to do, and if you know how to avoid all those scam sites. First thing that comes to my mind when I talk about working from your home, is call agents. You may not believe that but most of the people that answer phones for different companies work from their homes.

Then there are a lot of branches in call agent business and most of them are done from home, and due to that many people apply for this kind of job. The fact is that over 80 percent of applicants are refused when seeking job in this branch of online work. 0625_workfromhome_630x420

For the branches I aforementioned, call agents are hired for many things, they answer you when you want to order a ticket for a plane, they are there as a customer support if you want information, in airline companies as well as banks. Insurance companies have a tendency to employ this kind of workers, and a lot of tech support is done by people from home too. They are involved in work that requires live chat or mail support too.

If you wonder why so many jobs are in hands of people working from their homes, the answer is money. Companies are willing to employ these people because their hourly rate is significantly lower than real employ has, they are not registered as workers or insured, so companies don’t have to pay taxes for them. It is a win-win situation for both of the parties involved.

Binary Options brokers use call agents as support as well. If you had any contact with this kind of trading, then you must have noticed theirs support. For example, call support of CTOption, or any other trader, and you will notice strange accents of all support employees. money-online

People who are good with working with MS Office, and have organization skills can find work as virtual assistants. This is done from home too, and the job of virtual assistant is to help his employer with his job. Everything from proofreading up to scheduling appointments is part of the work of virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can have other assignments, such as arranging inspections if they work for estate agents, they can have a job of maintaining website, and in some cases they are given the task to promote their employer on social networks and other online community sites.

Hand and money staircaseThen there is a version of virtual assistant employment called personal concierge. This line of work focuses on doing errands people forget, or don’t have time for, but they can also include work such as event planning. If you know your stuff, then this can bring in some big clients and some big money to your door.

Then you have a whole array of jobs centered around teaching online classes if you have the required degree of course.

Writing can earn you money, and you don’t have to write books, well you can if you are talented. Writing online is something that requires a whole article to explain, so I will only mention it briefly here.

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Different ways you can trade forex

Different ways you can trade forex

There are multipleways one can trade forex, and most of us know that. But what most of you don’t know is what are those ways, what do they represent. That is the sole reason this article is being written, to explain what ways are those and to give you some idea how forex is traded in those ways. In total there are 4 major ways you can trade forex, but i will mention 5, because one of those, i would call a minor way is similar to one of the major, but more about that later.

using-forex-brokers-for-binary-options Spot market as its name suggests is a tpe of forex trading that happens on the spot, in this exact moment. This market is simple, it has good liquidity, and tight spreads and of course it never ends, it goes around the clock. And everyone participate on this kind of forex market, because acconts can be opened ( with some brokers ) with less than 50 dollars. Every broker, that aims at asigning more traders will have charts, news and other tools of infomration analysis.

Binary options forex trading is similar to spot market because of independent brokers who regulate trading and it is similar to options becasue they both have expiry dates and are limited with trading certain assets at certain times of day. Another similarity is in weak liquidity in both binary options and forex options. If you want to know more about binary option robot search one of the few sites that has everything on them.

Binaryoptions-pictureFutures are contracts that are made to buy or sell an asset on a specified date and price in the future. Chicago Mercantile Exchange created this type of trading back in 1972. Because people had over 30 years to work through and adapt this type of trade, futures are not standard way of trading assets. All information is disclosed and avaiable to all sides of the contracts, and because of this there are no chances for frauds, transparency of this type of trading brought that out.

blog-profitOptions trading type gives a buyer the right to buy an asset at the end of already decided expiration date, but trader buyer can decide and abort the trade too. But, if that trader ‘sold’ an option, then he has an onligation to either buy or sell that asset at the end of that expiry date. This type of trading is not connected and done only on forex, different exchanges also use this trading type. But there are downsides to forex options trading, for one options are limited by time, their expiration date and for two the liquidity of an asset traded via options is worse than is is on forex market while trading spot on or futures.

Exchange-traded funds ( also called ETFs ) are the newest addition to forex trading. The point of ETF trading is that one ETF can have multiple stocks and currencies bounded together and this gives the trader an option to diversify in his asset trade. The downside of ETF is that unlike forex it can’t be traded at any given moment becasue it has time limitations.

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